Ole says he won’t prioritise any competition.

United will sack Ole if he go trophyless.


Manchester United manager Ole Gunner Solskjaer says he will not prioritise any of the three competition they are in now.

The Reds will travel to Turin on Thursday for the Europa clash against Real Sociedad after playing West Brom later today in the Premier League.

United boss believes rotation will play an important role in the coming fixtures but will admit he will not rest certain player for a competition.

“We can’t just deprioritise some games,” he told reporters during press conference.

“Of course, there’ll be rotation. The squad will change. We have to freshen things up when we play Thursday and then Sunday after. It’s impossible in today’s circumstances to play the same XI every single game. You could do it, probably, if it was only once a week.

“We’ll make decisions when we get there but there will be chances in Europe, like we’ve shown before, for other players. If that takes us through the whole way, brilliant. If not, let’s look at it then. We’ve got two legs, two bites at the cherry.”

Ole was asked about the comparison that was made by his squad management and the former boss Sir Alex Ferguson, but the Norwegian stated that: “I’ve been influenced by working 15 years with him, of course,” Ole added.

“We’re different personalities but I do manage the way that I think is the right way. I don’t ask anyone how I should. It’s probably just in my personality.

“I loved working under Sir Alex, playing under him. I learned a lot from him, obviously. But it’s been a while since I had a conversation with him, so I’ve not asked him ‘how should I play this one, or that one?’ No.

“Gradually, since I came to Man United, I’ve grown into becoming this person. It’s nothing I do consciously, it’s just being myself.”




United will sack Ole if he go trophyless.
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