Tuchel insists building trust in team is key.

Tuchel: “We just have to close the gap”

Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel says building trust and honesty is key to a vital relationship in the squad.

The German inherited a squad from former manager Frank Lampard and he is still unbeaten as Chelsea boss with four wins and one draw.

“In a moment when I’m happy I can tell them that I’m happy with the attitude, the performance and the atmosphere in the dressing room,” he said.

“There’s no harm in that, I don’t hold it back. Of course, if it’s absolutely necessary, I can be totally emotional, I can also be a shouter, if I have the feeling that this is the minute to do it, and to surprise.

“If you do it all the time nobody would listen, because it just becomes a habit. The goal is to stay a bit unpredictable, to be sometimes absolutely emotional, to be most of the time reasonable.”

Tuchel further stated that the most important thing between a team and coach is trust as it will allow them to solve issues and also knowing that criticism is aimed at improving them and not to cause any further damage.

“For me it is also important that we build a trust and a relationship that we can rely on,’ continued the German. ‘You don’t punish and insult and shout at people in front of a group, that’s unacceptable, but if we have to point things out clear, I’m a big fan of doing that in front of the whole group.

“If we have behaviour that does harm to the group, that’s causing trouble for the team on the pitch, we should tell the players individually, but also I believe strongly that the group has to handle things and every person needs to have the personality to swallow some criticism in front of the group. Then no harm is done and we can speak openly.”


Tuchel: “We just have to close the gap”
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