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Adnan Januzaj still in love with former team United.

Adnan Januzaj still in love with former team United.

Former Manchester United and current Real Sociedad winger Adnan Januzaj confesses his love for the Reds ahead of the UEFA Europa clash.

The Belgian who was given is professional debut by the English club says he is focus in helping his current employers to make mark in the competition that has been dominated by the Spanish clubs in recent years.

The Belgian speaking to UEFA.com ahead of the reunion with his former club: “I love United a lot, they’re my favourite club, and even to this day I watch every single game of theirs because I love the club,”

“Obviously, when I saw that I would have to play against United, it was a bit of a weird feeling. But at the end of the day I want to play them and try to beat them, to show them also what they have missed and stuff like that.

“I’m sure also that [for] the other young boys that play for Real Sociedad, it’s a dream to play at Old Trafford.

“It will probably be one of the biggest games in their career, so I think it will be amazing for everybody.”

The former United academy graduate believes that the Reds are the strongest opponent in the competition and that if they can beat them, they will have the biggest chance to win the Europa league.

“If we beat United, then I think we have a bigger chance, the biggest chance to win the Europa League.

“For me, United right now – the United of today – is the toughest opponent in the Europa League that you could get.

“We know we can make everything happen in this Europa League campaign and we have a lot of things to show people.”



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