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Bruno aims Europa league success.

Manchester United midfielder Bruno Fernandes aims Europa League success as after scoring twice as the Reds beats Real Sociedad 4-0 last night.

The Portuguese says he is happy with the result and also pleased with the team performance but the United no. 18 claims that the job is half way done as there is a second leg of the game.

“It’s about winning, Bruno said. We want to win the games and today we did everything well. The result is on our side but we have the second leg and still have a tough game to come at our home. We want to win again to go through. We know 4-0 is a good result but we have to be aware of what Real Sociedad can do and be ready for the second leg.”

Bruno scored first in the game after he calmly slotted in a long ball from Marcus Rashford, Real Sociedad goal keeper collided with two of his defenders to make it easy for the Portuguese magnifico to score.

“I just waited for the right moment for the ball to come down and wait for the right moment to kick it,” the midfielder recalled. “In that moment, you can take a wrong shot and the ball goes out so I just waited for the right time.”

Bruno claims the second goal beat the offside line with Dan James close to him.

“I was expecting a touch from Dan to me,” said Bruno. “When he got the ball, I think it was to control it, but I will give him the assist.

“I saw the keeper was coming out. If you kick well on the first touch, it’s difficult for the keeper to react and luckily for me, it was a goal.”

Bruno made his intention clear on his target in the Europa league as he stated that: “My target is scoring the most goals I can and obviously get as many assists for my team-mates to score too,” he said.

“The position I play in is to do that, to assist, and score when you can. The most important for me though, the target, is the trophies. Winning trophies is more important than scoring goals.”



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