Guardiola claims City success is due to club strength.

Guardiola insist City win and lose collectively.

Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola says that his side success lately is due to the strength of the club in all area.

City have won nineteen games consecutively and will be looking forward to extend it to a twenty-games when the face West ham later today.

Guardiola further explain that having top players is key but insist having a strong organisation that have staff that are capable of responding to the demand of an elite level football.

“First of all, we have an incredibly strong organisation,” he said.

“Lovely people. The backroom staff, staff, players.

“But when you achieve what this club has achieved in four years – winning a lot of games – you have to have top players.

“There are other clubs with bigger budgets. We have to live with this.

“We have an incredibly strong organisation. The club supports us. In all departments, it’s incredible.

“It was the same in Barcelona and Bayern Munich.

“All departments in the club – we are a machine. But to win what we have done in the last four seasons – we won a lot of games, arrived in finals and won titles – you have to have good players.”


Guardiola insist City win and lose collectively.
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