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Arteta hails Burnley ahead of clash at Turf Moor.

Arteta reveal his goal for the season.

Arsenal Manager Mikel Arteta hails Burnley playing style ahead of the trip to Turf Moor as he warns his side to expect another big test this weekend.

Arsenal were defeated by Burnley in the first leg of the premier league game after Sean Dyche side capitalized on the Gunners red card.

Speaking to the media Arteta credit what he club, the manager and other coaching staff have done in recent years for Burnley.

“It’s a really tough match,” Arteta said. “I think it’s remarkable what the club, Sean [Dyche] and the coaching staff have done in recent years with the resources that they have, the style of play they have implemented and how well they execute it and how efficient they are.

“It is always really tough to play against them, at home it was a tricky game because we played with 10 men and we ended up losing on a set piece, which is a big part of the game, so hopefully we can have a very different result.

Arteta stated further that he love going to Turf Moor as it give he the chance to make things happen on a difficult ground and style of play.

“I quite enjoy [going to Turf Moor] because it’s what the Premier League is about, going into those grounds and making it happen, being able to compete against a style that is very defined and executed to perfection. That’s a big credit.

“There’s not one or two ways to play football, there’s many ways to do it. They did it within the rules and there’s nothing that is outside them. They do it really well.

“From my side, they merit much more credit for what they do than what they sometimes do. It’s admiration as a coach that he’s able to get the best out of that group of players, the results that they have as a club, to create the atmosphere that they do at that stadium.

“It’s all credit to them because they believe in what they do. I think that’s really nice for the English Premier League.”


Arteta reveal his goal for the season.
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