Cavani likely to leave United this summer.

Manchester United striker Edinson Cavani is likely to leave the club to a South American club when his contract expires this summer.

According to Cavani’s father who stated that his son is not comfortable in England and there are 60 percent chance he will move to Boca Juniors.

Luis who termed the match ban that was given to Cavani following a social media post as nonsense said it has had a bearing on his son and insists he is not a racist as they use the term all the time.

“There’s a 60 per cent chance of Edinson coming to South America. We’re very excited,” Luis told Argentinian broadcaster TYC Sports.

“We’ve always gone to visit him and he’s played in some beautiful cities where he’s been made to feel very welcome. He’s really endeared himself to everyone and has made friendships.

“But he doesn’t feel comfortable where he is at the moment. He’s been thinking about being closer to his family for over two years now and that’s the reason why I think Edi will end up playing for a club in South America. I’d like him to join a team that has a chance of winning something. Here in Uruguay there’s no chance of that happening.

“We’ve spoken to Edinson and he’s always leant towards Boca Juniors because he’s had so many conversations with (manager Juan Roman) Riquelme about it. I know he’d like to play and be nearer to his home country so that we can all be in closer proximity.

“When a player is already thinking that they want to come back from Europe, it goes against their performance level, but there are a range of factors. I think you have to love your football and find the place where you feel comfortable. I think Boca might be the place where Edinson finishes his career and feels comfortable.

“Knowing Edi, based on what we’ve spoken about and everything he’s discussed with Riquelme, he’s leaning towards Boca. I think he’ll come back halfway through the year. He has to sit down with his current club and reach an agreement if they want him to stay or if Edinson withdraws his contract to come here.”


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