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Klopp wants Liverpool to build on momentum.

Clattenburg labelled Klopp as strange bloke.

Klopp wants Liverpool to build on momentum.

Liverpool head coach Jurgen Klopp wants his side to capitalize on the momentum the have built against Leipzig in the Champions league on Wednesday night.

The Reds will be meeting with the German club having the advantage of 2 goals in the first leg of the game that took place in Hungary.

Speaking with the media the Reds boss previewed the game before making the trip from England.

“Two things: the team, the moments we had on the pitch, the competition, the quality of the boys. And football in general, because you always have a chance in the next game.

“That’s already enough, or must be enough most of the time. As I said, it’s half-time and we have to play the game that gives us the opportunity to go to the next round. If we play that good that we can do that then we deserve it. If not, then not.

“That’s the situation. I have no doubts about us; not that I know we will go through 100 per cent, but I know we will give Leipzig a proper fight. And that’s the only thing I need to know in the moment. For all the rest, there’s no guarantee for anything – not for them, not for us. But there’s 95 minutes to use to get closer to the things you want.”

The manager further spoke about the home and away form of his side: “I think it was because of the performances and the opponents. I don’t remember all the opponents, to be honest, but that might be the reason [for the difference].

“You know, we had really good moments in the season and we won the Tottenham game recently – Tottenham and West Ham were really good games when you see how they are doing around those games. But then consistency was the issue and that’s maybe the reason.

“It has nothing to do with Anfield, there is nothing bad to say about Anfield. Absolutely nothing – that we don’t like it there or the pitch is not good enough. It’s all fine. It was about the games.”

Clattenburg labelled Klopp as strange bloke.
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