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Arteta admits Odegaard’s presence improved Arsenal.

Odegaard reveal it was tough in Real Madrid.


Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta admits that Odegaard has made a positive influence in the Gunners squad since his arrival from Real Madrid.

Odegaard score in Athens in the Europa league but Arteta claims that the way the Norwegian link the midfield with the attack is incredible.

“He helps us to do the processes much better,” Arteta told Arsenal.com. “He helps us as a team because he gives us a lot of continuity on the ball.

“He’s really intelligent to find the spaces, he attracts a lot of opponents. We ask him to score goals, to arrive in the box.

“Today, he scored a brilliant goal and his contribution was really important for the team.”

Arteta also praised Willian who claimed his seventh assist of the campaign more that any other Arsenal player.

“I think he was really good again tonight,” Arteta said. “I wanted to give him some continuity because he deserves it. He’s training really well.

“Another assist and then Elneny, he’s been practising those shots from outside the box with Roundy and today he got his rewards. I’m really happy with the subs as well, the way they came on.”


Odegaard reveal it was tough in Real Madrid.
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