Thomas Tuchel wants more from his strikers.

Chelsea head coach Thomas Tuchel demands more from his striker as he claims they have the ability to make a difference in the final third and insists it is job to make it happen.

The Blues kept another clean sheet in the premier league against Leeds United and they were unable to find the back of the net either.

Speaking with the club media the German said: “It’s a unique position and a sensitive position so I truly believe that it’s not so important just training them to shake their goalscoring mentality.

“We’re here to help everybody and at the moment for us it’s important to keep their focus on the process. We can’t just look at the result of “is the ball in or not?” but instead it’s the process that matters to escape the pressure they sometimes put on themselves.

“The process is good decision-making, good technique, good vision, and if you focus on these points then the result will take care of itself and it means you will find the back of the net.

“That’s what we try to implement and how we try to help. Of course we have some exercises to help them in training in terms of finishing but in the end it’s clear that you talk whatever you want and show videos but for a striker, the most important thing is to score. This is the last percentage that he needs to be at full confidence and there is no substitute for that.”


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