Luke Shaw believes Ole’s style of play improved him.

Luke Shaw surprised on Mourinho’s criticism.

Manchester defender Luke Shaw hails the Reds manager for helping him as he believes that the Norwegian style of play has improve if performance.

The England international has created more chance in the premier league that any other defender and also scored in 2-0 derby victory.

Shaw has been excellent this season since he claims that Ole’s style of play takes pressure off player and let them perform on the pitch.

“His man-management is second to none,” Shaw told Sky Sports. “The way he conducts himself in terms of how he speaks to the players, it gets the best out of them. You can see that.

“He deals with situations perfectly in terms of what is needed, especially at a big club like Manchester United.

“He takes the pressure off the lads and takes it all himself. Sometimes it is not fair because we are the ones on the pitch and we need to take our fair share too.

“For me, especially, from what I had before Ole came in, it is a total difference. It has pushed me to a new level.”

Shaw experienced and was affected by devastating leg breaking injury in his early stage of career against PSV in the Champions League.

“I don’t want to come across like I was a little kid who could not deal with being put under pressure because at a big club like Manchester United, you are always going to be under pressure and under the spotlight,” he added. “That makes you mentally stronger.

“But I had no confidence at that time. I was losing my belief. I think that is what changed with Ole. He managed me right and I got my confidence back and I am really enjoying it at the moment.

“Enjoyment and confidence. For me, they are the two biggest things you need on the pitch. You need that belief in your ability to perform at the highest level. I feel I have that now.”


Luke Shaw surprised on Mourinho’s criticism.
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