What Ole thinks about United transfer.

United to use disappointing semifinals as motivation.

Manchester United manager Ole Gunner Solskjaer has made it know that his side will get the right players when the transfer window opens.

Often times United have always been linked with so many players around the Globe but the manager have stated that his new signings will be announced when they are signed.

Speaking with the media ahead of the clash with Brighton, Ole said, “Who we’re interested in and who we can go for and who we will go for, of course I’m not going to comment on that.”

“With the way the world works, at the moment, you’d like to do all our business, of course, on the quiet and all your talks on the quiet. But there are platforms everywhere, there’s news and the media now makes it more and more difficult. Who can you trust?

“Hopefully, I’ll sit here with players nobody has written about and thought we were not going to go to. We conduct our recruitment business and scouting the players we are interested in, we do it the right way, I hope and feel.”

When asked about the plan for the squad next season the manager stated that: “Of course, we have a plan ahead,” he stated. “A plan that we think is going to happen. Two months is a long time in football as well, things might change. There are obviously a couple of players that the future’s not decided yet. Some without contracts, some with contracts. We do have a certain picture of what the squad’s going to look like in August when we start.”


United to use disappointing semifinals as motivation.
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