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Klopp: “I think we didn’t deserve to win.”

Clattenburg labelled Klopp as strange bloke.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp says his side didn’t deserve to win in Madrid as he admit they didn’t play enough to get a win.

The German admit that it’s a thing of concern to them as they were given the ball away too easy for the Spanish.

“First and foremost, and that’s most important, I think we didn’t deserve to win tonight, Klopp said.

“We didn’t play good enough for that and that’s maybe my first concern [and] what I think about. Especially in the first half, we didn’t play good enough football.

“We pressed them kind of OK, they were under pressure, they had to shoot a lot of long balls without a proper target, we won these balls but we gave these balls pretty much with the second pass away again.

“That didn’t help. A game is a summary of momentum if you want, and when we had this good momentum and we won the ball, we changed that immediately by giving the ball away.

“Football is a game where mistakes are completely normal, but you have to make the mistakes in the right spaces.

“If you do that, you can win the ball back by counter-pressing and stuff like this. But when you, in completely unexpected situations, pass the ball to the feet of the opponent, that’s then tricky.”

The Reds will host the Spanish side for the second leg of the Champions league at Anfield as Klopp believe they can do a comeback like they did against Barcelona.

Clattenburg labelled Klopp as strange bloke.
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