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Tuchel glad Blues bounce back from defeat.

Tuchel receive huge boost ahead of final.

Chelsea’s manager Thomas Tuchel is glad his side bounce back from Premier league defeat against West Brom as they got a victory in the Champions League against Porto.

The Blues beat the Portugal side 2-0 in the first leg of the Champions League to give them an edge in the Champions League quarter final.

Speaking with the media after the game the German stated that: “The result is excellent for us. It was a tough match against a very strong Porto side. They are hard to play against, they are a proud club and an emotional team that fight hard.

“There were moments where we suffered but this is to be expected because the circumstances are very different. This is a Champions League quarter-final and you have to suffer at times but there were also some moments in the game where we were excellent.

“It was important to bounce back from the last match. We’ve had some excellent results together but we needed to show that we can improve from the defeat to West Brom. I was really pleased with the performance and also with the clean sheet from the guys, which is very important.”

The Manager further explain the mood of Chelsea’s dressing room as he insists they are not getting too excited with the win.

“I feel a good atmosphere in the dressing room. We are happy but not too shappy. We are excited but not over-excited. We are very aware that today we made a lot of a few good attacks and we got two goals.

“It was hard for us to create touches in the box and find the right rhythm to attack for a long time. In the second half, it was a bit more controlled but overall we escaped with a very good result. It’s a quarter-final and we have to keep on going because we know it will be necessary to have another top performance and top mentality next week.”



Tuchel receive huge boost ahead of final.
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