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Tuchel shifts focus to Crystal Palace after Porto advantage.

Chelsea will respect Alonso’s decision.

Chelsea’s manager Thomas Tuchel is shifting his focus to Crystal Palace in the Premier league this week.

The Blues have an advantage in the Champions league against Porto after the London side have a 2-0 victory in Portugal in the midweek.

“It gives us no advantage we have a 2-0 lead against Porto when we play against Crystal Palace,” said Tuchel.

“It can give you a huge boost in self-confidence. Tomorrow is not the day to fulfil all our obstacles and reach our goals. Tomorrow is 90 minutes. You just have to focus for 90 minutes. We don’t have to think about Tuesday and Man City.

“We have to start over and over again, and this is the challenge. It’s very important we are fully focused on every challenge we have, forget the games and results we had, accept every new challenge and raise new challenges right from the start.

“We do it step by step and we can rely with full fitness, we arrive without big injuries, hopefully it stays like this,” added Tuchel.

“We can defend as a team and we can rely on our solidarity and strong bond on the pitch and the hard defensive work hopefully gives us a big amount of self-confidence to go through all these steps.

“There are teams waiting for us who play a little bit less, but we need to accept it and rely on ourselves. The main target is finding a good balance between recovery, training and then being focused on taking it step by step.”



Chelsea will respect Alonso’s decision.
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