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Guardiola demands leadership from all 11 players.

Champions League is a different competition says Pep.

Manchester City head coach Pep Guardiola says he wants all his 11 players to be a leader on the pitch as they set to play Dortmund in the Champions league.

Guardiola’s City beats Dortmund 2-1 in the first leg of the Champions League and the Catalan wants his men to take up leadership responsibility in the second leg.

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The Catalan also claims they need to set their emotions in the right direction in other for them to win games like this.

“The guy who feels comfortable during the game take more responsibility to be more involved in the game.

“For the guys who are more nervous or quieter, do your job, play simple and maybe five minutes later you are ready to make a good performance. We need 11 player and the substitutes.”

Guardiola further stated that they are going to Germany with the intention of winning rather than defend the lead.

He admits that the tie is far from over as they will try as much as possible to execute their plan.

“You have to try and execute our plan. It doesn’t matter what happens in the first leg, you have a chance in the second.

“Our idea is to go there, do as best as possible and let them feel we are not going to defend what we got here. We want to impose our game to win the game.”

Source: mancity.com

Champions League is a different competition says Pep.
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