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Robertson says Real Madrid clash is a do or die.

Robertson wants job done on final game.

Liverpool’s left back Andy Robertson says the clash against Real Madrid in the second leg of the Champions League is a do or die.

The Reds suffer a 3-1 defeat in the hands of the Spanish giant in the first leg of the Champions league quarter final.

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Robertson believes that they can mount pressure and make Real Madrid uncomfortable as he claims too much time was given to them on the ball in the first leg.

The Scotland international admits they need hard work to overturn things at Anfield as he claims he have no doubt in his teammates.

“We need the hard work and we need everyone willing to do it,” Robertson said. The lads are always willing to do it so I’ve got no doubt about that, but it’s just about us trying to get close to the ball.

“[It] is do or die in this competition, he continued, you’re either in or you’re out. We’ll be walking off the pitch and back into the changing room either in another semi-final of a Champions League or we’ll be out.

“Hopefully it’s another special night at Anfield.”

The Reds will be plaining to do a comeback like they did against Barcelona at Anfield in 2019.

Source: livepoolfc.com

Robertson wants job done on final game.
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