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Moyes disappointed with teams involved in Super League.

Moyes agrees three years contract.

Moyes frowned at teams that are involved in the Super League plan and insists sport is for the people and not the billionaires.

West Ham head coach David Moyes says he is disappointed with teams that were involved with the Super League plan.

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All big six premier league club were involved in the proposed plan for the league before supporters, FA and UEFA made them withdraw from it.

On Supporters reaction.

Moyes credited the fans for their courage to voice out their opinion during the process as he stated that the game belongs to the people and not Billionaires.

Speaking with the media the Scottish said: “I’ve been really disappointed with the clubs who got involved in the Super League. More than anything else, the people have stood up. It’s the people’s game – it’s not for billionaires, it’s not for anybody, it’s for everybody. The people have certainly shown exactly what it means to them.

“The supporters of the football clubs have been a credit because of the way they’ve gone about it. They’ve stood up and said: ‘We’re not having this’. It does show the power of the people and it’s been a great thing that football hasn’t changed as dramatically as some people would have liked it to.”

On what was suppose to be done.

He further stated that if during the pandemic was the time when clubs could fix football by stopping over spending, too much wages and also paying agent too much money.

The West Ham manager also said lower teams were supposed to be supported but the opposite was done, he hopes it changes soon and remember sports is for the people and not certain ones.

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Moyes agrees three years contract.
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