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Telles identify threat in Roma squad ahead of Europa.

Telles closing in on first team game.

United left back Alex Telles have identify the key threat in the Roma squad and also have confidence in the back four to handle him.

Manchester United left back Alex Telles identifies threat in the Roma team ahead of the Europa League clash on Thursday.

Manchester United and Roma will go head-to-head in the semifinal of the European competition as the defender claims the quality in the Roman’s team cannot go un-noticed.

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Telles in an interview names the former Manchester City striker Edin Dzeko as a major threat in the team despite having other quality player.

The Romans have former Manchester United players (Chris Smalling and Henrikh Mkhitaryan) who contributed massively to Reds when they won the Europa league.

“I know Roma are a quality team with very good attacking players such as Edin Dzeko, Telles said. Players who create a lot up front. They’re also very good defensively, an experienced team, they aren’t in the semi-finals by chance, there’s a lot of quality in the team

“He’s a quality finisher, he knows how to score goals,” added Alex. “You’re dealing with a centre-forward with a real physical presence because of his stature.

“He’s a constant danger so we need to concentrate. I believe we have a very strong and focused backline to deal with this.”

The Brazilian further stated that the history of the club is know and they all have the responsibility to take it to the highest level.

He knows how important trophy his to club and players as he admits winning the Europa league will boast their confidence next season.

Source: manutd.com



Telles closing in on first team game.
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