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Pochettino believes in second leg after struggle in France.

Pochettino hails players performance.

PSG manager disappointed in the result they got in the Champions League, but believes they have got to use their chance in the second leg.

Paris Saint Germain boss Mauricio Pochettino says he believes that they have got chance in the second leg of the Champions League after they struggled in France.

Manchester City turn things around in the second half of the game to defeat the French side 2-1 in the first leg.

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Pochettino in an interview stated that he was disappointed with the result, he claims they would have won the game but misused their chance.

“When we conceded the goal, there was a huge chance for Verratti and then a move from Mbappé to make it 2-0 for us and then we concede that goal.

“We are disappointed by the result but I think that the team wanted to win from the very first minute and we put in an excellent first half.

“Of course, we struggled a bit in the second half and that is to be expected, Manchester City are a top side. The way we conceded the goals was disappointing. Now there is a second leg and we need to believe.”

Source: psg.fr

Pochettino hails players performance.
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