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United to use disappointing semifinals as motivation.

United to use disappointing semifinals as motivation.

United manager Solskjaer says that his side needs to use past semifinals disappointment as motivation in the Europa league.

Manchester United head coach Ole Gunner Solskjaer has stated that his side will use past semifinal disappointment a motivation against Roma in the Europa League.

Since the arrival of the Norwegian he has appeared in 4 semifinal and have lost all including last season semifinal against Sevilla.

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United will face Italian side Roma in the semifinal a club they dealt with massively in the 2007.

“Well we’re coming into this final stretch of the season in good form. We’ve really built momentum and of course those setbacks and disappointments in the semis are more used as a motivation this time.

“We know how it feels to be so close and this time we’re going to give everything. I know that about these players anyway, they always give us absolutely everything they’ve got.”

“I thought the performance was excellent and we were unlucky not to score goals. Of course Roma as well went out against Sevilla so I think both teams feel the disappointment.

“When you lose to the winners then you’re close. When it’s the last game of the season like it was last season it’s going to stick in your mind of course. We’ve used it as a point of reference that if we go further we’ve improved.”

Source: manutd.com


United to use disappointing semifinals as motivation.
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