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Tuchel have got ideas to improve Chelsea’s squad.

Tuchel: We aren’t Champions League favourite.

Chelsea head Coach Tuchel has stated that he has got lot of ideas to improve the team and also talks about focusing on his present sqaud.

Tuchel has made his intensions clear that he has ideas on how to improve his current side in other to close gap next season.

Chelsea immediately picked up form when the German replaced for manager Frank Lampard has the Blues boss.

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Tuchel has now move his side into the top 4 zone and also in the semifinal of the Champions league, though drew with Real Madrid in the first leg.

“I have opinions about what we can add to the group to get better,’ Tuchel said. “This is my job and I will give my opinion because I am asked my opinion. I have my ideas of course and I have ideas of certain profiles.

“It’s not about me wishing for Player A or B and if they don’t come then I will get angry. It was never like that in my whole career and it will not be like that because I totally understand there are issues to solve with the agents, the players and the interests of other clubs.

“It’s not only about me and my wishes but of course we talk about it.”

“In the last two home games, we were not happy with the results. We fought so hard in the last game against West Ham to win the advantage back and be in the top four when this game starts so we have to prove ourselves now.

“This is the obligation we have to ourselves and to our pride – to not give in and do everything to win this game.”

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Tuchel: We aren’t Champions League favourite.
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