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City to put on hard work against Paris Saint Germain.

Pep hails Aguero ahead of his last game for City.

City will play the French side PSG as they seek to qualify for the first Champions League final.

Manchester City will have to put in lots of hard work in the second tie against Paris Saint Germain in the Champions League.

Pep Guardiola side have an advantage from the first leg tie beating the French club 2-1 one in France.

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City, who needs two points to claim the Premier League title will need to work hard against Pochentino’s side to qualify for the first ever Champions League final.

The Etihad side head coach has stated in an interview that his side is living special as they prepare ahead of the clash in England.

“We play the team with perhaps right now the most talented players upfront, it’s not just one or two,” Guardiola said.

“They can win the game with one single action. We have to play as a team with an incredible mentality to play to win the game.

The Catalan said his side needs to be aggressive as he will make the best selection to face last season runner up.

“We have to be more aggressive with and without the ball and to win the game. That’s why the commitment from everyone is there.

“We will try and make the best selection as possible and do a good game.”

Source: mancity.com

Pep hails Aguero ahead of his last game for City.
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