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United need to focus on reaching the final.

United need to focus on reaching the final.

United needs to focus so as to reach the final of the Europa league as AS Roma is also a strong opponent that can not be look down upon.

Manchester United have an advantage over the Italian side AS Roma in the first leg of the Europa League semifinal, but they need to stay focus on finishing the job if they want to reach the final.

Roma scored two goals in the first half of the first leg and will not make it an easy job for the Red Devils in the second leg of the competition.

United who hold on to 4 goals lead will also have to work hard so as not to bottle the chance they have to reach the final.

The Italian side have done a comeback in the European competition against Spanish giant Barcelona which shows how strong they are.

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Solskjaer on United reaching final.

Speaking with the media ahead of the game Solskjaer stated that: “Roma are one of the teams that have really caused upsets and shockwaves in second legs. In fact, three years ago, when they came back against Barcelona.

“So we know what they’re capable of. But our focus is to go and win the game. We want to improve as a team and develop as a team and handle difficult situations, and the goal is to win the game of football and, if we do that, then we’ve done a good job.”

The Reds midfielder Scott McTominay also believes winning the Europa League will be a reward for the manager, staffs and also the players and the manager have his says on that too.

“You know, it’s been a very difficult year and very hard for everyone and I think the players have been terrific. The work they’ve put in, the attitude and the spirit in the camp has been spot on.

“We are responsible for getting results at the club and we feel privileged and honoured to be here and the players have really taken on the challenge of the history and traditions of the club. Of course, we’ve had a couple of seasons where we’ve rebuilt and we’re building towards something, and hopefully we can take the next step now and get to the final.”



United need to focus on reaching the final.
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