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Chelsea keen to close in on City next season.

Chelsea ready to challenge City.

Tuchel claims that his side are keen on closing gap on City next season in the Premier League, both team will face in the Champions League as well.

Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel has admitted that his side are keen to close gap on Manchester City next season.

The Blues and the Etihad side will play in the Premier League today before the face in the Champions League.

Tuchel as stated that his side will seek to close the gap on City next season as he admits it can happen again this season.

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City need just 2 points to be crowned the Premier League Champion and the Blues manager said it won’t be against them.

“First of all, we know we cannot close it anymore this season,” he said.

“They will be champions, hopefully not in this game but in one of the next days, and deserved champions so there is a huge gap because we are battling for the top four and not for the championship right now.”

Chelsea are in the FA cup final and also in the Champions League final, but the German admit it’s a tough task for them to focus and refocus on different competition.

“The down side is we have more games to come in between because it’s way harder to keep the focus and to always refocus on different competitions,’ he explained.

“On the other hand, it is clear that you gain confidence when you have these extreme positive experiences together, which gives a certain glue in this group and which strengthens the bond in the dressing room and at Cobham.

“We feel strong enough to translate this power and confidence into our race for the top four and this is what we are up for.

“The challenge right now is to forget the praise and the positive feedback, don’t get too influenced by that because it just clouds your mind. The target is to be totally refocused for Man City.”

Source: mancity.com

Chelsea ready to challenge City.
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