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Thomas Tuchel calls for confidence amongst players.

Tuchel trust his players can deliver against Villa.

Thomas Tuchel have called for confidence amongst his players as they prepare to play Leicester City in the Emirate FA Cup.

Chelsea head coach Thomas Tuchel has called for confidence amongst his players as they prepare to play FA Cup final.

The Blues will meet the Foxes in the Emirate FA cup final at Wembley later today before they play the Champions League final against City.

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Thomas Tuchel On giving Players confidence.

Thomas Tuchel stated while speaking to the press ahead of the final that the he had encouraged his players and that they should be aware of their playing style.

“I gave a lot of confidence to my players!” he smiles, clearly not rating his own goalie skills.

“You cannot do it artificially, sometimes it happens, and anything that can mean laughter is always very welcome,” he adds.

“But if you try too hard to make the group smile, it will not happen. It has to come naturally.

“It’s normal the tension will grow. Once we arrive in Wembley, there will be a certain energy in the air that you cannot be prepared for.

Chelsea training

“You will feel it and then adapt to it and go for it. Embrace the challenge and do what we all love on the very best level.”

He further stated that he believes in his feelings and trust his staff to carry the job out in a good way.

“What is needed in the situation is to trust my feelings and trust the feelings of my staff, trust also the data, and the general rule is that the more tension, the more decisive a game is, the less new information we give.

“We try to do the training sessions in the most easy way – short sessions, clear sessions – and it is not the moment to learn new stuff, to implement new tactical tricks.

“It’s the moment to be confident and to be well aware of what our style of play is, what we do good, what our strengths are, and encourage the players to be on their top level.”


Tuchel trust his players can deliver against Villa.
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