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Tuchel disappointed and called FA Cup defeat unlucky.

Chelsea will respect Alonso’s decision.

Thomas Tuchel not disappointed with the performance of his players as he claims they were unlucky not to have gotten the trophy.

Chelsea head coach Thomas Tuchel has expressed his disappointed after he was defeated in the Emirate FA cup by Leicester.

The German stated he was not disappointed in the players nor the performance as they had a winnable performance.

Tuchel said they were a bit unlucky not to have win the game as they have a great performance and also defended well.

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Tuchel on Chelsea performance.

“We’re disappointed but we’re not angry, not with our performance and not with our boys,” Tuchel said.

“I think this performance in this game is enough to win. Today we were simply unlucky, we’ve never hidden the fact you need luck to win at this level.

“All the time you needed a certain momentum, you need some little details and decision-making.

“We defended very well,’ he continued. “We were very aggressive on the counter press, we defended high up the pitch, did not allow any counter-chances for one of the most dangerous counter-attacking teams in Europe.

“I was absolutely happy with the work-rate and intensity. But some decision-making in the first half was a bit too hectic, we went too straight up front.

On been unlucky.

“We wanted to force the solution too fast, we had some unnecessary ball loses and some imprecise decision-making.

“We made a chance for Azpilicueta in first half, maybe the biggest chance in the whole game. In the second half we controlled the match even higher and completely in the opponents’ half.

“We then conceded the goal out of nothing. It’s a fantastic goal but it’s a lucky one of course and then there was a big chance for Mason and a fantastic save by Schmeichel.

“When you are in a final you cannot guarantee that you end up with a trophy. I think we would have deserved to win but it’s okay.


Chelsea will respect Alonso’s decision.
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