Tyson Fury set to rematch Deontay Wilder.

Fury warned ahead of Wilder fight.

Tyson Fury not happy about Deontay Wilder’s rematch, claims he will take out frustration on Wilder and knock him out quicker.

Tyson Fury has been set to fight Deontay Wilder in a rematch that is scheduled to take place in July.

Fury has been preparing for a fight against the heavy weight Champion Anthony Joshua that was supposed to happen in August.

An arbitration hearing found this week that Wilder had a contractual right to another rematch against Fury.

However, Arum, who promotes Fury in the US has stated that a rematch between the Briton and Wilder is now set to take place in Las Vegas on July 24.

“No, there’s no chance that he [Wilder] will step aside. He doesn’t want to step aside, except for a totally preposterous number,” Arum told Boxing social.

“The judge said he had a right to a rematch and we’re going to go ahead with it.”

Arum stated that the Fury was suppose to fight Joshua and be believes it’s backed by law but insisted the arbitrator saw a different case.

“I believe that the law and the facts were on our side and that Fury could go ahead and fight Joshua. The arbitrator saw it differently.

“When you get knocked down like we did, pick yourself up, and Tyson will do that. We’ll fight Wilder on July 24 in Las Vegas.”

He further stated that on hearing the news Fury was not happy with it but claims he will take out frustration on Wilder.

“Tyson wasn’t very happy.

“But he’s going to take out his frustration and anger on Wilder, and he tells me he’s going to knock Wilder out quicker this time.”




Fury warned ahead of Wilder fight.
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