PSG win was not enough to claim League.

Pochettino hails players performance.

Mauricio Pochettino was disappointed that his side didn’t win the Ligue 1 as he admits their win against Brest was not enough.

PSG win on the last match of the Ligue 1 against Stade Brestois was not enough to claim the League.

Lille won the League ahead of the defending Champion with a point after beating Angers in their last match.

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Lille claim the Ligue 1 title by beating Angers 2-1 to stop PSG winning it 9 time in a row.

Paris Saint Germain manager Mauricio Pochettino admit disappointment and claim their win was not enough.

PSG manager expected miracle.

The former Tottenham manager expected Angers to perform a miracle against Lille but they were unfortunate.

“We are disappointed”, said Pochettino, “we really thought that everything could happen in Angers, but it did not happen. But I think we were professional, we won, but it wasn’t enough to win the title. We are disappointed and really sad.

“The balance sheet today? I think it’s important to put the context back to our situation in January. We arrived, and didn’t have time to work, but we were made very welcome by the club and the players. 

“Then we played every three days, got to the Champions League semi-finals, beating Bayern Munich and FC Barcelona, ​​we won the Champions Trophy and the Coupe de France, and that was important for the team.

“But Paris Saint-Germain will always be disappointed by finishing second. Now we have to use our experience for the future of the club and of course to make a difference. 

“It is important for the club to improve and we believe that we can grow. We will work hard to make this happen.”

Former Manchester United winger Angel Di Maria also stated how disappoint he was as his side didn’t win the League.

“I am disappointed, because there have been some good things in the league, and sometimes not. When Lille won, we also won, but it was not easy. Today we did the job, we hoped that Lille would not win, but it’s football”.

Paris Saint Germain

Pochettino hails players performance.
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