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Unai Emery on Europa League final.

Unai Emery on Europa League final.

Unai Emery has stated how important he is to be part of the Villarreal project and insist they will fight to win the Europa League final.

Villareal head Unai Emery has stated that they have earn the right to be on the big stage as they prepare to play Manchester United.

The Spanish side will play the Europa League final in Gdansk with the on of Europe strongest team.

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Emery admits that United are the favourite in the competition and but claims being favourite is only important in the build-up.

The former Arsenal boss stated that they need to show positive attitude toward the game in other to outsmart their opponent.

“We need to take the game to where we want it, to show our character”, Emery said.

We need to be superior in some stages of the game and adjust our individual and collective qualities so the other team doesn’t shine.

“It’s a tough competition. There are very big teams. Villarreal have earned a spot among them. It’s been very deserved. We want to be at our best, through our quality, showing our playing style.

“All finals are different. Sometimes you’re favourite, and others you aren’t. Being favourite is only important in the build-up. During the match, the form you’re in and the chances you get during the game is what is important.”

Emery has stated that they he proud to be involve in the club’s project and insists they will fight till they win the League.

“We’ve been a trusty team, with good solutions. They can feel like they are favourites, with the opportunity to beat anyone, but we have chances to win the final.

“I feel proud to defend Villarreal, and obliged to as well. To defend the whole club. To defend this project, which is very big. From that responsibility, I want to enjoy this project and defend Villarreal in the final.”


Unai Emery on Europa League final.
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