Rashford insist United won’t relent.

Rashford insist United won’t relent.

Manchester United no.10 Marcus Rashford has stated that they will not give up on winning silverwares for the club after loss to Villarreal in the Europa League.

Manchester United forward Marcus Rashford insist that they will not relent on winning silverwares for the club.

United lost on penalty shoot out to Spanish side Villarreal after a tough full- and extra–time game in Poland.

Rashford who was part of the penalty taker claims that they will do everything possible to get back to winning ways.

“The feeling inside is difficult to explain because at the end of the day we came here to win,” he told BT Sport.

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“We’ve been working so hard all season and this was the opportunity to win a trophy and it didn’t happen for whatever reason.

“Maybe not now, we have to get rid of the disappointment first, but after that we need to look back at the game, see what we’ve done wrong, where we can improve and all I can say is the team will not give up.

Rashford on coming strong next season.

“There’s no chance that the team gives up. The manager will not give up, he won’t allow us to give up and we will come next season with a bigger desire.”

The England international explained further that they are hungry for success and they have got talent that compete at the highest level.

He further explained that there always ups and down when trying to build things but promised fans that they won’t give up.

“We come next season with more desire, more hunger and we have to do our best on the pitch.

“We have to give 110 per cent and if what I just said, the sacrifice, it means a lot because I know that in every club they don’t have this sacrifice.

“In the top clubs they have it, this is why the top clubs win the trophies and we are close. I promise we are close, but close is not good enough, we have to be there.”

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Rashford insist United won’t relent.
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