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Jesus heap praise on Pep ahead of Chelsea game.

Jesus has praise the technicality and mentality of his Pep Guardiola as they prepare to play Chelsea in the UEFA Champions League final.

Manchester City forward Gabriel Jesus praised Pep Guardiola ahead of Champions League game against Chelsea.

The Brazilian made it know that the Pep always have the desire to win and he has made it part of the City’s team to always do that.

Jesus stated that the Catalan good tactically and possesses a winning mentality that cannot be ignored.

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“Pep is so good,” said Jesus. “He’s tactical, his mentality is so good, he has a winning mentality.

“He just wants to win, win, win. It doesn’t matter how. And he works. That’s what I appreciate most about him.

“He’s a winning guy. When you want something, you fight to have it. He learns, he puts it on the pitch and it’s worked for a long time.

“That’s so good for him, for the clubs where he’s worked and for the players.”

City have lost in the quarter-final three times consecutively and the Brazilian believe it has help them develop positively.

“Sometimes football is like this,” he said. “Sometimes you win, sometimes you don’t win. What happened with us in seasons before gave us more strength, it gave us more experience.

“Now we have more confidence and are stronger. It will be a difficult game on Saturday. We know our opponents. They are so good, so strong and we’ve played a lot of times against them.

“It’s going to be a difficult game for both sides. Of course we are excited. In the seasons before, it was not easy.

“It was hard to get knocked out at the earlier stages of the Champions League.

“That’s not good, it’s not what we wanted. But this season is different. We’ve made it to our first final, to the first final of this club, the first final for a lot of players.

“It’s not going to be an easy game for either side but we go there to fight for the title.

“They are so good; they have a lot of top players and they play well. It’s going to be tough, tough game.”

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