Gary Neville believes England can win Euro.

Gary Neville believes England can win Euro.

Gary Neville believe that the three Lions can lift the Euro trophy, he insist that there are lots of quality players in the team.

Former England and Manchester United right back Gary Neville has stated that he believes England can win the Euro.

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Neville who played a vital role for the country during his playing time stated this on the Skysports Euro Podcast.

He admits that the English team will need a bit of luck to win the tournament but insist it won’t come as a shock to everyone.

When asked if England can win the Euro the pundit said: “I’m going to say yes. It would take a lot of luck, one extraordinary effort, things to go their way, but I’m going to say in a Wembley stadium full of English fans on the right day.

“I don’t think England winning would be a shock, or a surprise. After getting to a World Cup semi-final three years ago, now there is expectation on them.

“They’re not going there thinking ‘I hope we get to the quarter-finals’, there’s an expectation because of what they did three years ago.

Neville further stated that the team has quality players and that is where the strength of the team is placed.

Neville on centre-back pairing.

He insists they have really good full back but believe lots of thinking should be done with the centre-back pairing.

“Our strengths are the talented players in the forward part of the pitch,” Neville explained.

“We’ve got really good full-backs, but we really have to think about the centre-back pairing or back three though, that’s where the real conundrum is for Gareth, adapting between a five and four from game to game, and strength of opposition will also matter massively on that front.

“I don’t think there’s a natural partner who’s really strong enough in the big games in this tournament to partner John Stones. For me, that’s the big thing.

“How far is he away, when can they get him fit, how will that happen mid-tournament, which has always proven difficult in the past. Those are the real concerns I have.”



Gary Neville believes England can win Euro.
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