Neville: England needs something special.

Neville: England needs something special.

Gary Neville believes the England team will have to do something special when they come against the likes of Germany, Portugal and France.

Former England captain Gary Neville has stated that the England team needs something special in other to go far in the tournament.

England crown their qualification for the round of 16 with 1-0 victory against Czech Republic in the group stage.

It is not sure who England will face in the round of 16 as it is possible to face the likes of Portugal, France or Germany.

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Neville have lebelled these teams as giant and believes England will do something special to against them.

“We’re in a good place,” Neville said. In the back of our minds we’ve got a giant of a team to face next Tuesday, but in terms of the job we were asked to do in the group phase, the players and manager have done that in comfortable fashion, keeping clean sheets.

“But the reality will kick in for these players later on in the week, they have a giant of a game on Tuesday.

“ It’s an event in itself and one which would elevate confidence beyond belief if they were to win. But to win those games against a team like France or Germany takes something really special and spectacular.”

Neville on the giants.

The further stated that they might have a 50/50 chance against Germany and Portugal but 70/30 against England when they face France.

“We would be massive underdogs against France,” He said, against Germany we have an opportunity, Portugal even more so.

“You cannot go more than a 50-50 chance against Germany and Portugal, for France I’d go 70-30 against, that is not being negative or pessimistic, it’s realistic.

“Look at the France teamsheet and tell me how many England players would get in ahead of Kylian Mbappe, Paul Pogba, N’Golo Kante, Karim Benzema, Raphael Varane.

“They have a damn good team. All of England’s potential opponents have good players and while we should be confident we have to realise our opponents will be confident as well and that it will be tough to win.”



Neville: England needs something special.
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