Southgate urge England to focus on semifinal.

Southgate urge England to focus on semifinal.

England head coach Gareth Southgate urge his side to focus on the semi-final of the European competition so as not to be disappointed once again.

England manager Gareth Southgate has urged his side to focus on the semi-final of the European competition.

The three Lions beat Ukraine in the quarter final of the competition with ease, putting 4 goals past them.

The England team remains the only side in the competition that are yet to concede a goal in five matches.

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While speaking ahead of the semi final game, Southgate has urged his side to seize the opportunity to break the semi-final hoodoo.

England lost their semi-final game three years ago to Croatia in the World cup competition and the manager doesn’t want that this time.

“We’ve knocked off so many hoodoos or perceived barriers already and I feel like this group of players will feel this is just the next challenge,” the England manager said.

Southgate further stated that there was a feeling the last time that they came a long way but will be disappointed if the lose the Euro semi-final.

“I guess the interesting part for us is we won’t feel totally satisfied if it’s just a semi-final for us, whereas maybe three years ago, although there was massive disappointment after the semi-final, there was a feeling we’d come a long way.

“Now we’ve replicated what we did there, but that won’t be enough to fulfil the group. That’s a positive sign.”

The England boss also took his time to hail the young talents he has at hand as he hopes England gets more talented players in the nearest future.

“The other thing that is so positive, these young players – 18, 19, 20, 21 – are getting more experiences of England that are positive and enjoyable and they’re feeling what it can be like to be in an England shirt and have fun and win matches and have a relationship with the fans that is positive.

“That’s so important for a generation to come. We’ll get more out of their talent if we can keep that relationship with the fans.”


Southgate urge England to focus on semifinal.
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