Tyson fury vow to knock out Wilder quickly.

Tyson fury vow to knock out Wilder quickly.

Tyson Fury vow to knock out Deontey Wilder quickly has both heavyweight boxer look set to face each other next month.

Tyson Fury have vow to knock out Deontey Wilder quickly ahead of their heavyweight fight next month.

Fury will be defending the WBC belt next month against Wilder after he stopped Wilder over a year and half.

The British has revealed his plan for the American has he insists he will knock him out in no time.

“What’s going to happen is I’m going to run across the ring and knock the f*** out of Deontay Wilder. I’m going to plaster him,” said Fury to Frank Warren’s Queensbury Promotions.

“I’m going to be like a plasterer on the night, plastering walls.

“I’m going to splatter him in the ring. He’s getting knocked out for sure, 100%. It was an easy fight the second time, and it’ll be an even easier time the third time. I’m knocking him out inside quick time.”

Fury hopes to face Nigerian born British Anthony Joshua when he is done with fight against Deontey Wilder.

Meanwhile, Anthony Joshua will fight Usyk as well before he hopefully faces Fury in a long-awaited match.

Tyson Fury who formerly questioned the credential of Usyk has now stated that he might just be playing around to get himself a fight against AJ.

“What I’ve seen from Usyk in the last two fights hasn’t been a lot, but then I had a little think about it, a brainstorm. Maybe he’s not showing us everything he can do,” Fury added.

“Maybe he [Usyk] was playing around with the likes of [Derek] Chisora and the other guy he fought, [Chazz] Witherspoon. Maybe he didn’t try and win those fights properly.

“Maybe he was looking bad on purpose so he could get that big payday and do his good boxing on that night, which has been done before.”

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Tyson fury vow to knock out Wilder quickly.
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