Ronaldo: “You need to fight for the club”

Ronaldo: “You need to fight for the club”

Ronaldo insists he wants team mates to bring on that winning mentality as he returned to the club for the second time.

Manchester United player Cristiano Ronaldo has given his team mate a stirring speech before his debut against Newcastle.

The Portuguese, who made it known to his team mate that the need to fight for the club and bring in the winning mentality.

Ronaldo scored a brace on his debut against the Magpies as Manchester United played 4-1 in the game.

According to the Sun a source from Man United revealed what the Portugal international said before the game.

“He told his team-mates: ‘I have returned to Man United for two reasons.

“’The first is because I love the club. The second is I love the winning mentality that breeds through the ranks of this club.

“’I have not come back to be a cheerleader. If you guys want to succeed, then I need you to love this club from the bottom of your hearts.

“’You need to eat, sleep and fight for this club. Whether you play or do not play, you need to support your teammates and always give 100 per cent for the club.

“’I am here to win and nothing else. Winning brings us happiness. I want to be happy, do you?”


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Ronaldo: “You need to fight for the club”
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