Wilson blames bad play in loss to Packers.

Wilson blames bad play in loss to Packers.

Russell Wilson blames bad performance for the loss to Green Bay Packers.

Russell Wilson put the blame on his bad play after  Seattle Seahawks’ loss to Green Bay Packers on Sundays.

Wilson didn’t put the blame of his poor performance on his surgically repaired finger, as much as his lousy numbers and some of his errant throws.

“My finger felt fine,” Wilson said after the Seahawks’ 17-0 loss to the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field. “The problem with tonight was I had two bad plays. That’s what it really was.”

Wilson repeatedly stated that he felt confident in his finger and pointed to his two interceptions as the difference on Sunday.

The first was on a third-and-10 throw into the end zone in the third quarter of a 3-0 game. Wilson stated that he saw cornerback Kevin King’s back turned to him and thought he could zip the ball into the end zone to DK Metcalf, but King turned around just in time.

On his second pick, a deep heave to the double-covered Tyler Lockett, Wilson said he was trying to take a shot with Seattle down 10-0 in the fourth quarter.

“You never want to second-guess yourself on those plays because you make so many of them,” Wilson said, noting that Seattle has scored plenty of touchdowns on similar plays.

“But in that kind of game where it was back and forth, back and forth, that’s where I can eliminate that mistake and allow us to kick the field goal and make it 3-3 and here we go. Now it’s 3-3, a 0-0 game basically and keep playing. Like I said, 100% accountability on myself that that happened. Nobody else’s fault.”


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Wilson blames bad play in loss to Packers.
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