Israel Adesanya rates his performance 7 over 10 after he defeats Whittaker

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Isreal Adesanya defeats Whittaker with unanimous decision just few days after signing a lucrative contract.

Nigerian born mixed martial art Israel Adesanya has rated his performance against Whittaker after his victory in the UFC 271.

Adesanya won via unanimous decision (48-47, 48-47, 49-46) as he used his length and reach to counter Whittaker.

Israel Adesanya rates his performance 7 over 10 after he defeats Whittaker

It is a huge new for the Nigeria born MMA a he just signed a lucrative contract few days ago with the UFC.

Adesanya stated that he rated his own performance as a “seven out of 10.”

“Not bad,” he said. “Good night in the office. Good chess match.”

The match was so close as Whittaker said afterward, he believed he “did enough” to win, but th Nigeria born shut that idea down.

“He did not win that fight, and he knows it,” He said. “He needs to go have a shower as well and reflect and realize that’s not true. … You don’t do ‘enough’ to win the title. You take the belt. That’s how this works.”

Judges Jacob Montalvo and Doug Crosby had Adesanya winning the first three rounds and Whittaker taking the final two. Judge Mike Beltran had Adesanya winning all but the second round, which he gave to Whittaker.

“We’re just two guys trying to be the best in the world,” He said. “Tonight, I was the best in the world.”

UFC president Dana White said he had Adesanya winning three rounds to two and that he saw no controversy in the decision.

“He’s the champ,” White said in the postfight news conference. “He continues to win. That’s just the way it works. The more you win, the more you do, the more you make.”


Source: ESPN



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