Ancelotti: PSG will be up against 11 players and 50,000 fans

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Carlo Ancelotti believe the return leg will be tough for PSG as they will face 11 players and 50,000 fans.

Real Madrid boss Carlo Ancelotti has stated that will not be easy for PSG in the second leg as they will be up against 11 players and 50,000 fans.

Spanish giant suffers 1-0 defeated in the hands of French giant following last minute goal from Kylian Mbappe.

Speaking with the club media Ancelotti said: “We now face the return leg back at our place and we haven’t got that concern about the away goals rule. That could end up helping us. Should we be optimistic? PSG clearly have a small advantage and I hope that it doesn’t prove enough in the game back at the Bernabéu. I’m optimistic because we’ll go out there with 11 players and 50,000 fans inside the Bernabéu. That’s why I’m optimistic”.

The former Everton boss stated that they were made to suffer in the game as they failed to perform when they are with the ball.

He added that the were great defensively not were not aggressive enough as they struggled in their own half.

“We were made to suffer. We performed pretty well defensively. We weren’t very aggressive and failed to perform when in possession. We really struggled to overcome PSG’s press in our half and that’s why we didn’t create any clear-cut chances.

“We struggled to get out of our half and couldn’t get the ball out wide to Asensio and Vini Jr., whilst Karimdidn’t have any chances to get on the ball. There’s no fancy explanation for it. That’s just how it played out. We didn’t perform as we wanted to in possession.

“Too conservative means you have to try your luck at times and Courtois needs to send out a long ball. Our quality didn’t come through tonight because we really struggled against the press. We needed to be a bit more aggressive in the low block but it wasn’t a conservative approach, to try and use the ball when we had it, as we usually do, but it wasn’t to be today”.



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