Anthony Joshua: I’m a boxer, not a fighter

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Anthony Joshua reflect on host style and method as he claims he is not an aggressive type.

British boxer Anthony Joshua has believes there are method to been a boxer and claim he is not an aggressive type in the ring.

The former heavyweight champion made a return to to the ring and claim a victory over American boxer Jermaine Franklin.

Questions over Joshua’s tactics and lack of aggression to go for the knock-out, but those days may be gone as this is a different Joshua. A Joshua who simply just wants to win.

“When you look at someone’s make-up, you have to look at what their attributes are,” Anthony Joshua said to Sky Sports News.

“I’m quite tall, I’ve got a long range but I’m not going to be a bruiser.

“If you look at my character, I’m not the most aggressive, outwardly type of person, I’m not a fighter – I’m more of a boxer, there’s a thought process, there’s a method behind the madness.

“I’ve always tried to develop my boxing IQ but over 12 rounds there are times where you have to fight and I want to become a box fighter.

“It’s why that fight with Jermaine Franklin – I realised I was in with someone who’s a counter-puncher, you throw two, they try to hit you with three – so I changed my game plan, I stuck behind my jab, used my attributes and got the win.

“I can build on that because there will be a day where just being a fighter may not work against a certain opponent.

“The man who has a plan A, B and C in his locker because he can use his jab, he can move around, he knows how to defend – I think he’ll have more of a chance to be victorious on a tough night.

“I’m glad I got those rounds in the bank and I can move forward on my quest to become a full and well-rounded fighter.”


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