Draymond Green Indefinitely Suspended by NBA, Citing ‘Repeated History’

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Following Draymond Green’s striking of Phoenix Suns center Jusuf Nurkić during Tuesday night’s game, the NBA has suspended the Golden State Warriors forward indefinitely, citing his ‘repeated history’ of unsportsmanlike conduct as grounds for the disciplinary action.

Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green has been suspended indefinitely by the NBA after striking Phoenix Suns center Jusuf Nurkić during Tuesday’s game.

This marks Green’s third ejection of the season and his second suspension. The league cited his history of unsportsmanlike conduct for the decision, stating that the penalty, issued by operations chief Joe Dumars, begins immediately.

The specifics of Green’s return to play will involve meeting certain conditions set by both the league and the team. Discussions involving Green, Warriors GM Mike Dunleavy Jr., and agent Rich Paul are slated to commence to chart a course for counseling and support for Green’s future.

The duration of the suspension remains unspecified, allowing Green time to address the challenges he faces. Financially, Green faces deductions of $153,941 per game for suspensions fewer than 20 games and $202,922 per game for longer suspensions.

This latest incident occurred when Green struck Nurkić during gameplay, resulting in a flagrant foul 2 and subsequent ejection.

Despite expressing regret to Nurkić for the unintended hit, Green clarified that his action was meant to sell a call rather than to cause harm.

The Warriors, currently at 10-13 and grappling with struggles from key players like Klay Thompson and Andrew Wiggins, have emphasized the crucial role Green plays on the court. Coach Steve Kerr highlighted the need for Green’s poise and presence for the team.

While the Warriors have yet to issue a statement, Green’s suspension will be addressed ahead of their game against the Clippers.

Criticism has arisen regarding the team’s handling of Green’s prior incidents, notably in failing to hold him accountable for past actions.

Green’s history includes multiple ejections, with 18 in his career, the most among active NBA players.

The indefinite suspension underscores the NBA’s firm stance against unsportsmanlike behavior, particularly for repeat offenders like Green.



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