Hearn: It would be mad to believe Tyson Fury

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Eddie Hearn claims it would be mad if Tyson Fury is believe to retire after his fight with Dillian Whyte.

Eddie Hearn has stated that it would be mad if Fans believe Tyson Fury will retire after his next fight against Dillian Whyte.

The British boxer is set to return to the boxing ring against Dillian Whyte on 23rdof April at the Wembley Stadium.

Fury has promised ahead of the fight to make it a tough one for Whyte as he insists he will be going for a knock out.

Fury further said he will retire after his match against Whyte but in response to that Hearn said it will be mad to believe Fury will retire after the match.

According to reports from The Sun it is not the first time he has mentioned retirement, leaving promoter Hearn more than sceptical.

He said: “If you believe anything Tyson Fury says, you’re absolutely mad.“

Fury hinted he was going to hang up the gloves after his epic trilogy bout with Deontay Wilder, 36, in October, which he won in round 11.

But only a year prior, the unbeaten WBC champion claimed he would box until 40, like old rival Wladimir Klitschko, now 45, did.

In Fury’s latest reveal, he warned his grudge fight against Whyte, 33, would be his last and see him bow out on top like legends of the past.

He said on The MMA Hour: “This is the final countdown of the Gypsy King. Hollywood awaits.

“This is my retirement fight. 100,000 people at Wembley, all British world title fight.

“Return of the Mack after four years to the UK. This is it, going out on a high. Retiring on top.

“Two-time world heavyweight champion and I’ll have made eight defences of the lineal championship.

“Never to lose a fight. To go down as only the second heavyweight in history to retire unbeaten. Me and Rocky Marciano.”



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