Jorginho to stay at Arsenal after been linked to clubs

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Despite speculation linking him with a return to Italy, Jorginho has officially announced his commitment to staying at Arsenal this summer.

The talented Italian midfielder, who joined the Gunners from Chelsea in January, played a vital supporting role as Mikel Arteta’s team pursued the Premier League title. Unfortunately, they fell short to Manchester City due to a late collapse.

While rumors circulated about a potential move to Lazio, the 31-year-old midfielder has categorically stated that he has no intentions of leaving Arsenal. Instead, he is eagerly anticipating his first complete season with the club, aiming to challenge for major trophies once again.

He told the Evening Standard: “To be honest, I was surprised but really happy by how welcome I was, how (Arsenal) treated me when I came in.

“It just made everything so much easier for me to know more people to integrate in the team. So it was really, really, really good and I am really, really happy.

“I’m very happy to stay at Arsenal to be honest. Those rumours, I’m not sure who was behind it, to be honest, but nothing at the moment has happened to me. I’m quite happy where I am.

“That (missing out on the title) was painful. Of course, at the beginning of the season no one expected Arsenal to be where they were

“Anyone at the beginning of the season would sign off that you are going to finish the League in second. Everyone would say straight away: ‘Yes’. But then once you are there and fighting for it, then it’s a bit frustrating and painful.

“I think we will have a lot to learn about everything we do and it’s a lesson. I hope we can do even better next year. It’s been a while [since Arsenal have been in the Champions League]. Everyone is very excited. Everyone can’t wait to play with the ball with the stars. It’s going to be an exciting season for sure.”


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