Klopp: No rush on Salah’s contract situation

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Jurgen Klopp has stated that Liverpool will not rush Mo Salah’s contract as the Egyptian is yet to sign, the German spoke on the upcoming game against Brighton and also credited Luiz Diaz for his quick adaptation.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has stated that there is no rush in Salah’s contract situation for the club.

The Egyptian is yet to sign a contract extension for the Reds as he has less than a year and half on his contract.

Salah has been on great form for Liverpool this season but he will not be rushed to sign a contract extension.

Speaking on Salah’s future at the club Klopp said: “I think Mo definitely expects this club to be ambitious, we were in the last years and we are… no, of course we cannot do much more [in the talks], that’s how it is. But I don’t think it’s about that, I think meanwhile it is Mo’s decision pretty much; I think the club did what the club can do, that’s how it is.

“There’s nothing to say about it, it’s all fine. From my point of view it’s exactly like it should be in this moment in time and everything is said. Nothing happened further, so no signing, no rejection or whatever. So we just have to wait for that, it’s completely fine. There is no rush in that situation.

Liverpool will play Brighton in the Premier League and Klopp side will seek to strengthen his side title race.

Speaking ahead of the game at Brighton Klopp believes his side will not go there to show who is best but rather focus on getting three points.

“Brighton are not the best in the world but they are incredibly good. We are not the best in the world, obviously, but it is nice words. Graham knows exactly what he really thinks, he knows that it is football and there is a big chance you can give other teams a struggle.

“That’s what we try to do constantly and that’s what they will try, definitely, even when the results in the last few weeks were not brilliant for Brighton, but the performance level is really, really good. I think they are fourth-highest [in the] possession stats in the league, which is not easy to have. So, you need to do a lot of good stuff to keep the ball that long in a football game and in the end, it’s for us always a challenge to face them.

“We realised it in the home game: when you are not compact against Brighton then they play in and around you, that’s how it is, that’s how they set up. So we have to make sure that we find a proper defending attitude and from there we go. We don’t go there to show who is the better side or who is world-class or stuff like this, not at all.

“We are humble enough to go there and really work incredibly hard and put in a proper shift. That’s what I expect – not a fancy football game, I expect us as a real hard-working unit.”

Klopp also spoke about Luis Diaz and his quick adaptation with the squad.

“Surprisingly quick [to adapt] and everything like you wish for. That’s how it is. When you sign a player you never know in the moment how quick it will go, obviously.

“Luis has so many things he needs to have an impact here and we saw that in the first moment, but then there is still a difference between seeing it in training and bringing it on the pitch. But you really get what you see, in training you get it as well and in the games. Brilliant so far.”



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