Klopp plays down top four chance after draw

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Jurgen Klopp believes the Premier League top 4 race is out of their hands following their 0-0 draw with Chelsea.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has stated that the chance of making top four has slipped out of their hands after they shared points with the Blues last night.

The Reds were unable to find the back of the net at Stamford Bridge last night as they went home with a point.

Speaking to the media after the game Klopp insisted that it was a point gain and not two point lost as he pin point the capability of both team.

“It’s an away game; this was not the most spectacular 0-0 I ever saw,” Klopp said after the match.

“I saw two of them – Liverpool v Chelsea – last year, the two finals, [they were] absolutely insane. Very similar teams I would say, but completely different football because of a different level of confidence for both teams.
“This was the fight we have to show tonight, this was the way we have to start our development again. We cannot now hope – because we did a couple of things that were absolutely not like they should have been – that we fixed it overnight.”

When asked whether they can still make the Premier League top four this season Klopp said: “I don’t know if there is any chance, for that we must win pretty much all the games and the other teams must lose a lot of games.

”It’s not in our hands, I cannot say, what can I say about that? It’s not important. If you would be only motivated on the highest level if somebody tells us, ‘Oh, you have a chance for the top four…’ Then if we are not fourth, then I want to be fifth, if we are not fifth, then we want to be sixth, so that’s what I want to be.

“For that we have to win football games, because in the moment I don’t even know where we are exactly. Eighth? Seventh? Ninth? I don’t know – it’s not interesting.”


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