Kulusevski backs Conte amid Spurs crisis

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Dejan Kulusevski has insisted Tottenham players ‘have to respect’ Antonio Conte’s comments and has voiced his support for an ‘important man’.

Conte’s tenure at Spurs looks set to end after Saturday’s explosive interview at Southampton saw him accuse his own players of being ‘selfish’, while he made repeated references to the culture of a club that has ‘never won something’ during a passionate ten-minute monologue.

Anyone would think that would turn the dressing room against him, but not Kulusevski.

Asked if he would be happy to keep working with Conte, the Swedish attacker told Sky Sports: “Yeah, absolutely.

“He was very disappointed, as [were] us players. We have to accept that. We lost all the cups, we went out in Champions League also so I know sometimes we have to be sad and angry.

“That is how he took it. Somebody else would take it in another way but we have to respect his words.”

Kulusevski added that he has taken no offence to the comments of his experienced manager.

“No, because I know what I bring to the team,” Kulusevski added.

“Every day I know I prepare myself to do as good as I can and that is why I can always look myself in the mirror.

“Sometimes I don’t play good enough and I can take responsibility for that but what he said, is for him.

“It is his words but I respect him and he help me a lot during my career. He is still a very important man in our club and in my world.”


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