Lisandro Martinez tip to pocket Haaland ahead of the derby

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Manchester United defender Lisandro Martinez has been tip to silence Manchester City striker Eriling Haaland ahead of the derby.

Manchester United defender Lisandro Martinez has been considered one of the best defenders in the Premier League and he has been tipped to stop Haaland when they meet in their next match.

Martinez was signed this summer from Dutch club Ajax following his former manager Erik Ten Hag to Manchester United.

The Argentine has been incredible for Manchester United since his arrival and has been praised for his impact at the Red Devils backline.

Martinez was look down upon when he arrived England due to his height and many believed he will be bullied in the league.

The Argentine is the shortest defender in the history of Premier League which is seen as a disadvantage.

However, despite his height he has proved to be nightmare for strikers in the league with his composure, tackles and how he moves the ball.

The presence of the centre back has been a great impact on David De Gea, as the Spaniard feel comfortable starting the build up from back.

Haaland on the other hand, has been a nightmare to defenders in the Premier League with his height strength and goal scoring ability.

Haaland has scored 14 goals so far across all competition this season and he is the top scorer in the Premier League right now.

Manchester City and Manchester United are set to meet after the international break and Martinez has been tipped to silence the former Salzburg striker ahead of the derby.




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