Nagelsmann claims PSG is a better team with Mbappe

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Bayern Munich manager Julian Nagelsmann believes PSG with Mbappe are better than without Mbappe as the French man changed the game in the second half.

Bayern Munich at the Parc des Princes got the win against PSG to give them an advantage in the first leg of the Champions League. Despite the scares after Kylian Mbappe came on, the German side’s goal, defended by Yann Sommer, didn’t not suffer once.

In the press conference, the German coach, Julian Nagelsmann, spoke about the game his men played. “It’s a first step, I’m really happy with the result. We worked well for the first 25 minutes and at the start of the second half. We were the better side, but there’s a second-leg to be had in Munich. We’re confident in ourselves”, he said.

“The stats were in our favour and we could have scored a second or third goal, but Kylian Mbappe can change any game”, he said about when the unexpected entrance of the Frenchman.

And he ended up by saying: “Him coming on woke up the PSG players. PSG with Mbappe are better than without Mbappe. But in the second leg we’ll have good idea to counteract that and we can hurt them going forward”.

Meanwhile Kylian Mbappe stated after the game that the result can not be changed but insists his side will go to German with a lot of energy to get the win and qualify for the next round.

“As we said, we said we had to take the positives. It’s a two-legged tie,” Mbappe said. “We can’t change what happened in the first leg. We will go there to qualify. We know that there is a possibility. There is always a good possibility to qualify. So we will go there with a lot of energy and determination.
It’s not a comeback. There’s no longer the away goal. We have to score a goal and we’ll be level, so we have to go there and win. Play our game, play attacking football, which we know how to do and try to go there and win.
My feeling? I was a bit concerned, but I gave everything I had and I have nothing left. Now we have to continue and recover well. Like I said, get everyone back healthy and all come back at 100 percent, and I’m sure it can go well.”


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