Ronaldo isn’t working hard enough.

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Gary Neville believes Ronaldo isn’t working hard enough but insists Ole needs to find a way for the team to play with the Portuguese.

Manchester United legend Gary Neville says that Ole Gunner Solskjaer must find a way to balance the team with Ronaldo.

The Portuguese who signed from Juventus this summer got on with a positive start in the Premier League scoring goals.

But the team has lack balance since the arrival of Ronaldo as they become weak to beat teams like Aston Villa in the League.

Gary Neville believes Ronaldo isn’t working hard enough has he doesn’t press the team from the from.

“They had to do the deal, the club had to do the deal, Ole had to do the deal,’ he said on Sky Bet’s The Overlap Fan Debate. “With it comes big positives, but with it also comes problems.”

He added that United will never press front the from the front cause Ronaldo wasn’t pressing 10 years ago.

“He is playing up front there now, you are never going to press from the front. The idea that Manchester United are going to be a pressing team is never going to happen, he wasn’t pressing 10 or 15 years ago.

“So then you say what is the style of Manchester United? Are they a counter attack team? That becomes difficult when you are playing against teams that are inferior to you most of the time.

“What you get is teams like Aston Villa and Everton counter attacking, bit of quality, a half decent team against Manchester United will cut through them. That is a problem. So they have got to stop that.”

He further stated that they need to find a way to play with Ronaldo as they prepare to play tough teams this coming week.

“There is big decisions that Ole has to make in the next few weeks to compensate for Ronaldo coming. What they have to find now is a way of playing with Ronaldo in there.

“I support the signing, he is a great… I love him to bits, I couldn’t love him any more, but United have to find a way of playing to compensate him.

“If you then put Bruno Fernandes in there, you then put Mason Greenwood in there, you then put Paul Pogba in there, with Cristiano you are going to get cut through on the counter attack and you aren’t winning any leagues. Trust me you aren’t winning any leagues. So there has got to be a balance to the team.”


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